The Obligatory Sales Pitch

Hola, been a while. You’re looking good! You still on that cleanse?

Anyway, I found it prudent to mention that my debut novel MOTHER OF ABOMINATIONS, in case you haven’t heard of it before, is now available in several formats for your eBook. I’m told paperbacks are coming soon. Believe me, I’m anticipating those more than you are.

Check this cover out!


It’s gonna look amazing in my hands. But it will also look great in your digital libraries.

So, of course it’s been available on Kindle through Amazon for a while now.

Got a Nook? No, that isn’t a sentence in Klingon. It’s available on Nook here.

And here it is for the Kobo, which my publisher James Palmer refers to as the “Canadian Nook,” which is what they used to call me in college.*

As always, reviews are appreciated.

*This is not actually true. I don’t even understand the joke I made.

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