Just a quick update on me.

It’s been a busy few days, but I noticed that Kindle sales have now opened up at Amazon.ca here in Canada as well as the regular site. The novel (MOTHER OF ABOMINATIONS) appears to have started off doing pretty well there, so that was cool to see.

To find out more about the novel, check out my interview at Darkness Dwells with my buddy Jason White. We had a solid hour long conversation about my podcast, my novel, my next novel and my time living in Scotland among other things. Check it out here.

download (1)
Frankie listens, so should you!

Speaking of my podcast, this week my buddy Darryll and I covered the two Lost Skeleton films from Larry Blamire (THE LOST SKELETON OF CADAVRA and THE LOST SKELETON RETURNS AGAIN) as well as my review of season one of FEAR OF THE WALKING DEAD. Check that out here.


Novel #2 is coming along nicely. I said I will be first drafted at the end of spring break (which starts this Friday) and I still think I’m on track to do that.

Until next time!

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