Already lazy

So, it’s been close to a week since I’ve posted something. That doesn’t mean that stuff hasn’t happened.

It’s been a banner week at work. The school I’ve been teaching at for almost a decade closed down. In essence, a building closed down. Our work continues at another location, but, since I’ve spent almost my entire career in that building, it still hit a little hard. Tomorrow, I go back to work and set up a classroom. The first classroom I’ve ever had to myself. I’m excited.

On top of that, I have finally been able to break silence on my participation in the Fright Night Theatre Film Festival. For the past few months I’ve watched close to 80 films (16 features and the rest shorts) in preparation to select a line-up for the two day film fest. Out of those, myself and a half dozen others put together a schedule of five features and fifteen shorts spread out over March 11th and 12th in Hamilton, Ontario.

Check out the link above for tickets and rundowns of the films. But, for a better idea of the films, this week’s episode of Dread Media features my interview with Aaron Allen, film festival director and lead programmer of Fright Night Theatre Film Festival. We talk about basically everything you’re going to see at the fest, so check it out.

Other than that, I’ve been pretty unproductive in my writing. I really haven’t written anything since I started this blog. That’s not a good sign.

Though, I don’t think the blog’s to blame. It’s my innate ability to let self-doubt kill my momentum. Now that I’m roughly 5000 words away from the end of my second novel, my brain has decided to stop me from completing it. I’m aware of it, and I won’t let it stop me. I’ll push through and finish it and fix it later.

That’s all. Less time between now and next post than the last time. Promise.

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